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Newsletter. July. 2023

Hello dear friends with dancing brushes!

That’s you, right? I hope so!

I’ve been keeping busy with the weekly Sketch and Paint zoom class.  It’s still free, and only one hour.  How is that possible?  


Next month is OKC Painting Palooza.  It’s changed to a new month (August) and new venue.  I will be teaching one class:  When Pumpkins Gleam

This is painted on a wood “cradle” piece, meaning it is flat wood with edges of ¾” all around, like a wrapped canvas.  Sure wish there was a better name for it.  When I shared it on Facebook a lot of people liked it, so I thought I’d share how the inspiration came for the design.  (Grab a coffee or cold drink..)


Palooza in Oklahoma City is usually in October, and the theme for 2023 was Halloween.  That covers a lot, but I wanted something a bit different.  Hmm, what to do?  So I of course checked with my design assistant Miss Google and asked for quotes about Halloween.  She came up with several, which I saved.  This quote appealed to me immediately.  It was of unknown source and had been published in Good Housekeeping Magazine. So I let the idea stew for just a bit and it was easy after that.  I needed a gleaming pumpkin and a black cat for sure.  The quote just floats in on the night mist.  Now since this involves “gleaming,” about half of the palette is metallics and iridescent.  Of course that doesn’t show up in the photos.  I am really looking forward to Palooza and being with a lot of painters and a lot of exhibitors to buy from.  All y’all come!  




Until next time, keep your brushes busy and your hearts light,





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